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Introduction Nutrition That Works For You

Our personal training places a strong emphasis on nutrition. We approach nutrition from both a flexible and lifestyle perspective, meaning we design nutrition plans that give you flexibility of meal selection, accommodate off-plan circumstances, and emphasise practicality and consistency over the long-term. We provide you with fully structured nutrition plans, accessible on our nutrition app, that customise your plans according to your objectives, body composition, and by assessing your eating habits, nutritional patterns, meal timings, digestive health and food preferences.

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The process of customising your nutrition begins with identifying your goals. If your goal is to lose weight, tone-up or gain lean muscle, become stronger or perform better in your sport, your nutrition plan will directly reflect these needs. Our personal trainers complete nutritional calculations according to your specific goals and body composition, then structure your nutrition plans around specific calorie and nutrient intake targets. Also, to help you reach your short and long-term goals, we provide you with ongoing progress charts that allows you to view anticipated changes to your body composition each week.


Any food can be part of healthy nutrition and truly flexible and sustainable nutrition incorporates the freedom to select the foods you enjoy. Your personal trainer will complete a nutritional assessment to understand your typical food selection and preferences, then integrate foods you enjoy into your plans, ensuring your meals and portion sizes align with your goals and nutritional requirements. Importantly, we’ll educate you about food selection and how to align foods you enjoy with your objectives, operating both on and off structured nutrition.


Prescribing the correct food portions are critical for goal achievement and successful body transformation. Nutrition research clearly demonstrates that calorie intake plays the most important role in weight loss and weight gain. Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of food consumed throughout the day and week in relation to your goals. To make portioning simple, your food portions are calculated and clearly outlined in your customised nutrition plans. Your personal trainer will review your meal portions and make any amendments if and when required to ensure you feel supported by your nutrition and making continual progress towards your goals.


We have heard the expression that “one man’s food, is another man’s poison.”  This can be taken quite literally when determining what foods suit your body type. Our personal trainers aim to provide you with a rich, diverse source of foods. However, we are aware that you may react negatively from certain foods or beverages. These food reactions can occur for various reasons and it is our responsibility to highlight such foods from your nutrition if negative responses persist. Your personal trainer will communicate with you regularly to understand if any adverse reactions to foods occur and make any required amendments to your nutrition.

"Nutrition is almost always the limiting factor in body composition change"

"Nutrition is almost always the limiting factor in body composition change"


Designing a nutrition plan that is manageable and fits your daily lifestyle is our primary objective. A lifestyle approach moves away from “dieting” and focuses on long term sustainability. Adhering to structured nutrition certainly offers its challenges, the greatest being integrating a food plan into your busy and often unpredictable schedule. Our approach integrates meals you enjoy, that are easy to make, and with minimal food preparation. For life’s unpredictable events, your nutrition plans remains flexible and options are provided to accommodate for both planned and unforeseen circumstances.


The period around your workouts are additional areas of consideration within your nutrition. Nutrition research indicates performance in the gym and body composition results can be enhanced by applying specific nutrient timing around workouts. The objective within exercise nutrition is to ensure that you have adequate energy to perform well in the gym as well as maximising your recovery from each workout. Our personal trainers will educate you on evidence-based practice for exercise nutrition to help you understand the basic principles for application.