Over the last several decades, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of research studies investigating the effects of exercise on body composition. As such, our personal trainers presently have solid evidence from which to develop effective exercise programs to accelerate body transformation. Typically, those seeking to lose weight or gain muscle are left to follow the gym programs of others. The danger of this approach is not knowing the accuracy of the program and whether it fits one’s level of fitness training. Our personal training applies scientific principles in exercise while taking into account your goals and personal fitness level. We utilise an entirely personalised approach and design your fitness plan considering the following elements:


Goal Focused

The design of your gym program is informed primarily from your goals. Your goals may include weight loss, muscle development, strength or flexibility improvement, enhancing sport performance or preparation for competitive bodybuilding or physique. Ultimately, the most appropriate exercises for you are the ones that help us meet your objectives. Your goals will guide our selection of exercises, methods and manipulation of other variables within your fitness plan to accelerate goal achievement. If your objectives change through the course of our work together, your personal trainer will redesign your exercise program to cater to your revised goals.

Your Exercise Experience

Your experience with exercise is an important consideration for designing an effective fitness plan. We simply would not prescribe the same exercises for a novice lifter as we would with an intermediate lifter. Given this, prior to developing your fitness plan, your personal trainer will establish your level of resistance, cardiovascular and recreational exercise experience and use this information in conjunction with your goals to structure an appropriate exercise program. As your gym experience progresses with us, we will expand your exercises and applied methods to continually challenge you within safe and appropriate limits.

Structured Exercise

To make your workouts efficient and easy to follow, we formally structure all of your exercise programs. These programs are not written in complicated, technical language, but with simplicity and clarity to ensure you understand all elements within the design. Your personal trainer clearly describes each exercise in your gym program including the order of exercises, number of sets, repetitions, tempo and rest intervals. Your exercise program is uploaded digitally to our tablets, which is used to efficiently guide each workout. Also, we store all of your expired gym programs digitally where you can revisit them at any point.

Fitness Planning

Many people struggle with changing their physique because they fail to alter their fitness program and manipulate the variables within. The body accommodates to exercise and resistance very quickly and frequent change is required to create new physiological stimulus. The way we create consistent improvement in your body composition is through organisation of both short and long term planning. Our personal training uses a periodised approach to systematically vary your exercises and exercise variables to prevent any plateauing or regression in your body composition or fitness. Periodically changing your exercise program will not only re-stimulate your body, it will also function to refresh your motivation and expand your practice of new exercises and methods.

Digital Diary

A great challenge in exercise is ensuring progression each workout. Without progression to create a new stimulus on the body, successful body transformation is highly unlikely. To ensure progression, our personal trainers use digital diaries that record your gym work. This includes recording the number of sets and repetitions your perform in addition to your rest intervals and any relevant comments attached to your performance. Following completion of each workout, your personal trainer will review your performance, comparing digital records from prior gym sessions to create an objective assessment of your progress.

Body Composition

The only way to objectively determine if you are meeting your goals is through formalised body composition measurements. Our personal training service uses methods standardised through The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). This method involves taking various skin-fold calliper measurements as well as bone measurements, weight, height and circumference readings to calculate overall body fat percentage. Also, we take body transformation photos to develop a complete profile of your body composition changes. Body composition measurements are completed every four weeks to objectively assess your progress and presented in a concise, professional digital report.

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