Motivation and self-motivation are unquestionable driving forces behind exercise adherence and goal attainment. It is common that one can maintain the desire and interest to make positive changes in their health, but lack the required motivation. The reasons for lack of motivation in exercise are plentiful and can include inadequate support, self-belief, resources or health practices.
Our personal training implements strategies to enhance and sustain your motivation from the beginning. This involves building motivation in areas known to facilitate exercise adherence and targeting areas that you personally feel become barriers to your success.


Support & Encouragement

We recognise and acknowledge the individual challenges and frustrations that accompany body transformation. We feel this recognition is imperative to understanding the importance of delivering continual support and encouragement to our clients. Your JC Fitness personal trainer serves both as your instructor and an incredible source of support that will offer you encouragement within and outside the gym. Support is offered verbally through feedback and verbal cues to help instil belief in your ability to be successful. Likewise, your personal trainer will support you outside the gym, highlighting your accomplishments and progress while remaining open and available to respond to any questions or concerns that may arise.

Enhanced Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy refers to one’s confidence and belief in their ability to be successfully at a particular endeavour. In the context of our work, helping to increase your self-efficacy will enhance your belief that you are capable of achieving your goals. Our personal training focusses on multiple areas to enhance your self-efficacy. Specifically, we focus on building on your achievements and success within your exercises and nutrition. Also, we introduce you to other clients that are achieving success within similar objectives. Finally, our trainers use continuous feedback to reinforce that belief in yourself and your capabilities.

Personalised Education

We feel that your motivation is greatly enhanced by learning about your health practices. Our personal trainers take pride in their health knowledge and desire to share this knowledge to better your health. Your personal trainer will develop a tailored education plan to teach you about important nutritional and exercise principles. This includes teaching you about the foods prescribed and their impact on your health in addition to educating you about evidence-based exercise principles. We set aside time following each workout to review a specified education topic and reinforce this learning by building a digital education library where you can access your education pieces at any time.

Your Objectives

Structuring a plan that clearly outlines your objectives is another strategy we implement to enhance and sustain your motivation. Your plans are customised, detailing each objective and are accompanied by action plans that outline how each goal will be achieved. Likewise, we specify objective measures along side each goal. This refers to how each goal will be assessed and determined if met. Also, each objective has a timeline indicating specific dates for forecasted achievement. To ensure you stay results focused and clearly directed, your personal trainer will review your objectives each session and feedback about your progress.

Your Results

We base our success as personal trainers largely on your results and our ability to accelerate your goal achievement. When you experience incredible results with your personal trainer, motivation and self-efficacy will unquestionably increase. With structured exercise and nutrition, you will already begin to see and feel positive changes in your body composition within the first week. As you develop consistency with adherence to your exercise and nutrition plan and further your education of both, your result will accelerate. On witnessing the results of your efforts, you will believe in your capabilities to achieve further success.

Client Goal Setting Example
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