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Motivation and mindset are unquestionable driving forces behind exercise adherence and goal attainment. It is common that one can maintain the desire to make positive changes to their health or fitness, but lack the essential motivation and mindset to fulfil change. There are a number of areas that influence motivation and mindset including knowledge, self-belief, support, planning and organisation, and results. Also, adopting a way of thinking and set of attitudes that align with your objectives and behaviours are imperative to achieving them.

Our personal training implements strategies to enhance and sustain your motivation and mindset from the beginning. This involves targeting areas known to improve motivation as well as building a mindset that facilitates success.

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We feel that motivation is greatly enhanced through education. Our personal trainers take pride in our knowledge and desire to share this knowledge to help build your motivation and mindset. Your personal trainer will develop a tailored education plan to teach you about important principles within exercise, nutrition, general movement, behaviour change, mindset, sleep and stress. We structure time following each workout to address a specified education topic and importantly reinforce your learning through practical application.


Self-efficacy refers to one’s confidence and belief in their ability to be successfully at a particular endeavour. In the context of our work, helping to increase your self-efficacy will enhance your belief that you are capable of achieving your goals. Our personal training specifically focuses on building on your achievements and success within your selected behaviours. This is accomplished by breaking down larger goals and creating smaller, attainable challenges where you can see yourself being successful.

Motivation and mindset are unquestionable driving forces behind adherence and goal attainment

Motivation and mindset are unquestionable driving forces behind adherence and goal attainment


In health and fitness, we recognise and acknowledge the individual challenges and frustrations that accompany goal attainment. We feel this recognition is imperative to understanding the importance of delivering continual support and encouragement for you. Your personal trainer serves both as your instructor and an incredible source of support that will offer you guidance and encouragement within and outside the gym. Support for your journey is offered through ongoing feedback, open communication, targeted education, strategic planning, and reinforcement of successful behavioural habits.


Structuring a plan that clearly outlines your objectives is another strategy we implement to enhance and sustain your motivation and mindset. Your plans are customised, detailing each objective, timelines for achievement, and action plans on how each goal will be met. Likewise, your plans specify method of assessment that indicate how each goal will be objectively measured to determine if met. To ensure you stay on track and results focused, your personal trainer will review your goals with you each week and feedback about your progress.


We base our success as personal trainers on your results and our ability to accelerate your goal achievement. When you experience incredible results with your personal trainer, motivation and self-efficacy will unquestionably increase. With structured exercise and nutrition, you will quickly begin to see and feel positive changes in your fitness, health and body composition. Importantly, as you build consistency and adherence in your selected behaviours, your progress will continue to accelerate.

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Adopting a mindset that centres around a sustainable, lifestyle approach is our priority for you. That means focusing on building attitudes around long term, sustainable behaviour change. This involves working with you to select successful behaviours within exercise, nutrition, and general movement that allow you to focus on your day-to-day strategies for success, rather than solely the outcome. Aligning your thinking with your objectives also involves specifying and structuring your goals, identifying effective solutions to challenges in your life, and creating value in your selected behaviours.

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